Jackson, our 2nd little boy is almost 3 weeks old and is giving us some great ‘de ja vous moments’ of Theo, our 1st born, 3 years ago. The only difference this time is A MASSIVE ONE. We’ve already been here before and kinda know the road ahead. When Jackson is screaming exactly the same as when Theo was screaming its purely because he is in lots of pain due to being unable to pass wind, (something about new borns not being fully developed humanoids), whereas when Theo was screaming 3 years ago for the same problem it was actually because he hated us and we were doing everything wrong, who knew?! Amazing what actually knowing a few things does for your ability to not really freak out when a baby cries.
Anyway this week did have a bit more going for it than screaming babies and horrific moments of reminiscent. In a bid to find the closest thing to NZT (see limitless with Bradley Cooper) my life hacking escopades have lead me to believe that cold water submersion (call it cryotherapy if you are thinking it already sounds bad) is possibly the single greatest thing to instantly alter your mood for the super charged better and give you a rocket propelled kickstart into anything your taking on that day. Today it was building a bbq, and i did built it crazy fast!!!!! For the winter i was heading down to the ocean each morning and charging in to what id accurately estimate was about 14 degree water. This was great as i could usually time it with catching the sunrise (#winningatlife), however recent season changes have raised the water temp considerably and left me luke warm and flat as opposed to electrically charged and high. Before you read on there is always the option of a cold shower however there is something blatantly wrong, in my opinion, with jamming that shower dial into the blue when you should be escaping the insanity of the house for your own 5 min hot hot hot sanctuary.
Following multiple discussions with an equally temperature orientated friend it was decided that a chest freezer full of water was by far the cheapest and best method of achieving that NZT moment whenever the mood arose. So following a few deep trawls into trademe’s dollar reserve depths i won a 360 litre freezer for $42 and overnight created my own little cryochamber. Full specs and visuals can be seen on the vlog but with merely 2 hours of power required each day to maintain a chilly 10 degrees this is the greatest accomplishment of my week. Its going to be interesting when i compare it to my……. drum roll….. scaffolding based workout rig in a few weeks time but that is a project that i have convinced my self cannot fail. Just wait until it fails.

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