We’ve all made the big festive fitness commitment. Three courses deep into an over indulgent festive banquet and the vow is made to create a healthier, more disciplined, gym dedicated, say no to sugar version of ourselves. The reality is that it usually gets washed away with whatever tasty beverage washes down courses four and five, and the over dramatic call to fitness arms is gone faster than it swiftly came. The fortunate few make it through the next few days of ‘cleaning up the leftovers’ justification and into the harsh reality of the new year. I mean surely, I’ve said that I’m going to exercise everyday for 2 hours and I’m only going to eat 500 calories, so that is it, job done, it’s just that easy!

Sound familiar?

The muscular aches and pains following a first gym session (that lasted 2 hours and involved working every single muscle group), making you feel like you’ve done ten rounds with Mike Tyson. Combine this with your amazing plan of eating 500 calories every day results in you being literally doubled up with hunger pains and rendered you somewhat similar to a bed ridden prisoner of war. The harsh reality of your elaborate survivor style regime is hitting home like a sledgehammer to the face.

Meanwhile the alcohol fueled, sugar sweetened promise you made to yourself, that this year was to be the year you lose the middle age spread and recapture the athletic prowess of your former years, has slipped away faster than a greased up Christmas ham on Boxing day.

And there we have it, less than 1 week into a newly promised fitness regime and the wheels are well and truly off. The only numbers showing any form of negative movement are those in your bank balance as the gym memberships, ab trainers and workout clothes aren’t seeming like great purchases anymore. And the waistline, scales and blood pressure numbers are trending up and up faster than ever with no sign of slowing.

A very predictable, repeatable and negatively reinforcing cycle is once again actioned, leaving you unmotivated and disinterested  in health and fitness for another 12 months – with the possible exception of a very short-lived spike about 2 weeks prior to a mid year getaway.

Want to learn how to set a realistic New Year’s Resolution?

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be blogging about why we make these completely unrealistic goals and willingly set ourselves up to fail every single time. Once you can break the cycle of willingly setting an unattainable goal it is remarkably easy to make a health and fitness programme work for you, and avoid all of the associated pitfalls.

In quite literally 15 mins, 4 x per week, with no equipment or other resources you can make huge changes in how you look, feel and live. If what I have written above resonates with you in any way shape or form be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can be first to hear about the tips, tricks and secrets to hacking the fitness game, and join me for the next few blog posts which will highlight the goal setting road map.


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