To start a new business with little to no research into the current market, structured business plan or risk analysis would be considered idiocy by most. Yet when engaging in a new fitness regime this is what I see happening more times than not. My advice to all is to think of yourself as a business. Just because you don’t have actual money on the line (unless you are planning on dropping upwards of $50 per hour on a P.T multiple times per week), it doesn’t mean you can afford to skip the fundamentals. If anything you should be more determined to establish a successful base as the currency you are exchanging for results is one which you will never get back. If I am going to spend a good amount of my time on something, I am covering certain angles to ensure I will succeed.

This week I’ll post a 3 part guide to Goal Setting where I will highlight the key areas to focus on and explain how productive those areas will be.

1.) Get the most simple brief possible & stick to it like glue. I am all about simple. Simple is great. Simple is amazing. Simple is…… Simple. It is crucial to drill down on exactly what it is you want to achieve and I believe to do that you must drill down on why you want to achieve it. This should be a clear concise no-nonsense sentence that leaves nothing to interpretation.

If I open a business selling clothes pegs I would say “My brief is to create the strongest most cost effective clothes pegs that are accessible to every body with a washing line”. It is simple and to the point. However in fitness things get a little cloudy and people regularly indulge wishy washy goals and briefs. For example one of the most “set yourself up to fail” goals would be “I just want to lose a few pounds”. Excellentttttttttt. *long pause*. It is such a nondescript goal that every action taken to achieve it will in turn be nondescript, with yes, you’ve guessed it, a nondescript outcome of something between zero and no positive achievement.

On the other hand an accurate concise goal would be “To reduce my waistline by 3 inches so I can feel confident about my appearance in any social situation”.  By creating this as the goal or brief you have locked in a definitive outcome and a positive driving force. During hard times or times when you may not feel up to exercising it is this type of brief which makes the difference between staying on track and putting things off until tomorrow. It gives you accountability in the sense that you have admitted you are bothered about the outcome and the actual measurement of the goal is tangible and achievable. When planning any form of achievement strategy you should not move forward until you have this squared away.

Come back tomorrow for part 2 of ‘Goal Setting 101’!

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