Motivation can be attributed to almost every persons health and fitness results, whether that be positive or negative ones. “I just need some motivation”, “I feel so motivated right now”, “I’ve just need a kick start to get my motivation back”, “You’re so motivated, I wish I could be like that”.

The magnitude of how ‘motivation’ affects us in such a polarizing way is shocking, as the difference between high and low motivation can be affected by something so inconsequential as a new pair of trainers, the status of a relationship, and more often than not the first day of a week, month or year. For me the most shocking thing about it is how much of a reliance, dependence and crutch we place on it without fully understanding it.


[moh-tuhvey-shuh n] 

“The state or condition of being motivated or having a strong reason to act or accomplish something.”

Above is the dictionary definition of motivation. It highlights that it is state/condition controlled. If it is state or condition controlled it means that motivation is ultimately affected by your state or condition. Ie the motivation you have is directly linked to the state that you’re in.  That allows us to drill down on the meanings we give motivation and state and then in turn understand the controlling factor.

1.) It would be easy to hear the statement “it’s easy for you because you have so much motivation”, or “it’s just really hard for me as I have no motivation”.

2.) You wouldn’t necessarily hear “it’s easy for you as your state is so much better than mine”, or “It’s just really hard for me as my state is constantly terrible and negative”.

All of the above statements effectively serve the same meaning and would usually be said by someone not achieving to someone who is achieving, regardless of the subject matter. However both statements come with drastic differences and meanings to the user.

Statement 1.) implies that there is some mystical force controlling motivation and you either have it or you don’t. If you are seen to be motivated it is put down to the fact you are lucky or gifted and have fluked what it is you have achieved, you are in short one of the chosen few. For the unmotivated it is sheer bad luck that they weren’t gifted this amazing attribute and it then serves as a justification for all the negatives that come to pass. In short it is a lack of responsibility, accountability and ultimately ownership. Quite simply it is just not your fault.

The same could not be said for statement 2.) I don’t know anyone who is failing to achieve something that would willingly admit that they are willingly dropping the ball, dragging ass and blatantly sandbagging. By nature of saying someone has a better state than you means you are admitting that you choose the negative meaning, easy option and path of least resistance with everything involving a challenge of some degree. It highlights that in the face of adversity you will crack and that when things are a little difficult you will always take the easy route. It confirms that you are responsible for the outcome and immediately gets rid of the wizardry, magic and luck that surrounds motivation. For many people that is too big of a pill to swallow and the justification from a mystical force whilst not achieving is less painful than the admission that you yourself are responsible for not achieving.

To simplify If I relied on motivation to complete my daily routine I would be a fat, lazy, mountain dew drinking, `dorrito eating lay about because I am fully motivated about 20% of the time, yet I am not any of these because I do not rely on motivation

I have spent countless hours learning how to manipulate and control state in order to facilitate the result I want. I wake up at 0415 and by 0430 I am climbing into a 2 degree ice bath. Trust me, when that alarm goes off at 0415 the last thing I want to do is get in an ice bath, yet I do, every morning. The reason is that I understand what it does for me and the positive effect it will have on my life. I also understand crucially how to make an informed, rational and educated decision based on the outcome that I desire and not leave it in the hands of fate, the stars being aligned or the cycle of the moon.

Do I get excited by new workout clothes, new kettle bells, or a new battle rope, 100%. Does it have any bearing on me doing or not doing the workout or event. Absolutely not. These things are just the sweeteners, the icing on the cake, and just like that icing, if you are completely reliant on it then your results and outcomes will have absolutely zero foundation or longevity.

So what is the controlling factor. It is quite easy to view things in a productive state but can you be reliant on being able to do that the majority of the time. I don’t believe you can, and I say that because too many things can interrupt your state. Lack of sleep, lack of food, not enough Facebook friends, whatever, the list is endless. So how do you replicate productive results day in and day out, how do you turn up good to go with half your regular sleep or a bad days nutrition.

The answer is simple. It is your biggest point of leverage, it is your 80/20, it is your controlling factor and it is what will give you the outcome you desire.

It is  DISCIPLINE. It is the only constant in all the reasons to do or not to do.



“activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill;training.”




These are skills because anybody can learn them, like riding a bike, reading a book or counting to 10.

Discipline is the factor that determines whether or not you choose to execute these skills.

Say yes to the run – Discipline, Say yes to the workout – Discipline, Say no to the sugar – Discipline, Abstain from the booze – DISCIPLINE. On the flip side of each one the answer is Lack Of Discipline.

To be consistently good at something, to learn a skill and to execute a result you must show discipline. Anything worth doing is not easy 100% of the time which means when it gets tough you have to decide whether or not to continue doing it.

Achieving your Health & Fitness results is as simple as  turning up every day, it’s as simple as grinding out the result everyday and it as simple as doing what you need to do, as opposed to what you want to do. Now notice I said it is as simple, not as easy. Because you know what fitness isn’t, It isn’t easy, so don’t expect that you’ll find it that way. It shouldn’t be easy, but, the discipline to show up means you do the work, if you do the work consistently regardless of how you feel you get leverage. Once you have leverage you have what I deem as a guaranteed path to success in that field. You’ve cracked the code, got the answers and found the formula. You get the result, you get the enjoyment, you get the fruits of your labour. You play the game never needing to lose.

So you have a decision to make. Look at this as it is. It’s a game, decide how your going to play. If you want to stack the deck and rig the game in your favour then the code to do that is here. Decide to execute discipline now and you will get the result, but decide now, not tomorrow or the next month or the start of next year. You don’t need to ease into it, you don’t need any more resources or secret gadgets. You are the ultimate resource so decide now. Have the discipline to accept that there is no uncontrollable force behind why you are not happy with how you are. Have the discipline to accept that the discipline you have been missing has shaped the decisions you have made and lead you to where you are now. So in turn have the discipline to  accept that you are completely capable of making decisions to move away from where you are now.

Don’t walk away from this feeling motivated. Be disciplined to not do that. Walk away from this feeling more educated, more informed and more rational. Make a decision, based on discipline, to get up, get moving and GET IN THE GAME.

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