The list of collateral damage from miracle diets over the years is long and distinguished. With latest fads asking you to eat certain foods on odd days and other foods on even days, or sinking a shot of vinegar with everything that passes your lips, the question really has to be asked where does this stuff come from? Or more importantly, why do we believe it?

Some of the smartest, hardest working people I have ever met all share the same Achilles heel when it comes to selecting a suitable nutrition plan. They all buy into the promise of a result or the hope of an outcome. The lure of massive weight loss in minuscule time has the ability to bypass a rational part of their thought process and sucker them into making irrational decisions, much like the person buying the latest labour-saving cleaning device straight from the infomercial at 2am.

There is no question that for every miracle diet that has reared its head there has been some form of transformation cover story attributed to it. Whether it be Oprah on weight watchers or the guy from subway with the big pants, there is definitively somebody to prove that these things work. That’s great and more power to those guys, yet what we don’t get to see as lucid as these successes are the failures. The attrition rate for most of these diets is high. It has to be high by nature of how the product was manufactured.

The key to understanding this is to understand that these things are manufactured. Health and fitness is a billion dollar industry with every player looking for the sharpest angle. With most people wanting massive results with minimum effort, the target market just seems to Segway from next big thing to next big thing without ever learning that a quick fix does not exist. There is no such thing as a miracle diet, just a miracle money spinner.

It is quite easy to design a diet that see’s ridiculous levels of weight loss in an insanely small time period, however do the means justify the end. Is what you have to go through worth what you stand to gain. Also ask yourself what will you do afterwards. If for the past 2 weeks you have eaten nothing but green food on Monday, Wednesday & Friday and yellow food on Tuesday & Thursday, with a combo of both on the weekends and this has seen you drop 15kg during that 2 weeks, what do you honestly think is going to happen when you stop? And I seriously mean, HONESTLY, what do you think would happen. I’m going to guess that you don’t plan on carrying this out for the rest of your life and do plan on resuming some form of normality. Well with that normality comes the return of the weight and the following search for the next miracle diet.

Safe to say that most people have had the email or letter informing them that they have won the Nigerian lottery (having never entered it I might add). The classic scam that is deleted or binned immediately. We know it is purely a hoax and if indulged will see us in a worse financial state so we ignore it, electing to work harder and make more money.

The parallels between this and miracle diets are identical, yet we choose to indulge them because we want it to be easy even though we know we need to be disciplined. This is a scary thing for many as once you commit to something for the long-term and are reliant on discipline it is completely down to you, so if you screw it up it’s on you, as opposed to the stupid diet that lasted 2 weeks that wasn’t your fault.

Anyone can be motivated for 2 weeks. Not everybody can be disciplined for a lifetime. (see for a big heads up on this).

Any food plan works, it has, is, and will work for somebody, but is it right for you? The results you are looking for will not happen over night. They can’t. You didn’t get this way over night so how do you expect to get in shape faster than you got out of shape. It’s just going to take time.

My advice is this, custom build your plan through legitimate trial and error. Find what works for YOU and what YOU enjoy doing but use some actual true facts and proven methods to help you. I will end with my top 3 nutritional building blocks that will give you the largest ROI and help you drill down on your perfect plan.

  1. Drop the sugar. Completely, absolutely, unequivocally. Refined sugar is useless. It serves no good purpose and whatever justification you want to throw back arguing why you need it will not stand up in court, EVER. Unless you are an ant! You do not need it for energy. I get up at 3.50am, I exercise everyday with many days twice. I charge everyday teaching a commercial skydiving course. I am father to two boys, the eldest getting after it from 5.30am. I am building a business with my wife during any free time we get and I go to bed around 1030pm. I do that consuming zero sugar and I am CHARGING. So trust me, YOU DON’T NEED IT!!! END OF.
  2. Seriously reduce your alcohol consumption. If you drink alcohol everyday, its time to cut back, NOW!  If you don’t need to drink as often as you do then don’t. If you do need to you have a bigger question to ask. From increasing inflammation to causing dehydration the issues associated with regular alcohol consumption are endless. If you are already prepping your argument that a glass of wine is good for the heart just stop there. I’m saying REDUCE, not cut out. Moderation is paramount with everything (except sugar) so maybe start writing down every time you have a drink. Assess it after 1 week and try a 20% reduction. Food for thought?
  3. Hydrate. Water is your ultimate survival tool. You can go without food for weeks but not without water. It takes a conscious effort to stay on top of hydration, coupled with regular bathroom breaks, however when you are on top of it your output goes through the roof. Daily recommendations differ massively but why not start with the opposite of the alcohol log. Write down how much water you drink per day and then the following week look for a 20% increase.

These 3 steps, when implemented will make you feel absolutely awesome, and once you feel awesome you can start being, looking and living awesome.

There is no miracle. Just grind. Daily grind and hard work that gets the results. Connect with us on the social’s and let us know how you get on.  Until next time, thanks for reading.


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