I am writing this blog post purely out of interest based on recent comments, conversations and discussions. It is specifically targeting three of my daily rituals or large components of my daily routine, those being waking up early, exercising daily and eating a regimented nutrition plan.

As I post daily on the socials the screen shots of my alarm clock at 0340 when I wake up, followed by pictures of my daily workouts and some form of inference to my eating patterns (although I publicise this less), I am usually met with some form of comment either at work or on the socials that what I am doing is out of the ordinary and for the most part unachievable. The following is a detailed list of my typical day and then I want attempt to drill down on the question – is this so far removed from normality or have we just become so comfortable as a culture that it seems that way?

  • 0340 wake up and post to socials, 500ml water and some Krill oil capsules.
  • 0410 ice bath followed by 15 – 20 minute Metcon  workout and another ice bath.
  • 0500 coffee with double cream and secondary post to socials.
  • 0530 work on @fifteenfitt ranging from video edits to blog content.
  • 0700 sort the family breakfast and prep for work.
  • 0830 work (I am a full-time skydiving instructor teaching a diploma course).
  • 1100 3 eggs with coconut oil & avocado.
  • 1430 coffee with double cream.
  • Throughout the day I drink 4 litres of root ginger, turmeric, lemon & salt in hot water plus another 4 litres of water or pomegranate tea.
  • 1730 home with potentially workout number 2 (at least every second day).
  • 2000 dinner of meat with greens and olive oil / coconut oil.
  • 2030 work on @fifteenfitt.
  • 2230 bed.

This typical day is subject to change based on the actions of the boys but it runs like this 85-90% of the time.

I’ll break this down into the three categories and give my reasoning together with what I get out of it.

Waking up early. I have never had an issue with an early rise from being a teenager but early for me was around 0600. Over the past 12 months I have moved earlier & earlier before settling on 0340 as a great time to “rise and grind”.  This came from the desire to workout daily without interrupting the time I spent with my family. As Rebecca and I pushed more and more energy into http://www.fifteenfit.com I felt that to be squared away with daily exercise and still give quality time to our project, the only leverage came from waking up earlier to guarantee the work was done without impacting on family time. So I did.  Taking comradery from @jockowillink and @0445club I found the initial adjustment to less sleep challenging, but like anything I adapted quickly and within a week or two I was good to go and since then I have reduced down to a wake up at 0340. The key I feel to this being “an easy thing to do” is the fact that it is my choice. I really do enjoy it. By 0500 I am completely wired and by 0700 I have achieved a massive portion of the days workload. I have found the opportunity in what many would see as a problem.

Working out daily. I have always exercised, from push ups at 13 years old to regimented weight training in my late teens and twenties it has always been something that I have devoted time to. However it is only in the past 12 months that I have been able to dedicate a portion of everyday to some form of exercise practice. Now this is quite a strange situation because in the past 12 months our family has grown by 1 so the excuses of having no time are bigger than ever. I understood following Theo’s birth in 2013 that by not exercising and staying in shape everything else in my life suffered. I was behind the game physically, mentally and emotionally, and I was not prepared for that to happen again when Jackson arrived. So using my early wake up I leveraged a portion of my day devoted entirely to me. An hour from 0400 – 0500 where barring any child related drama I could exercise the mindful practice that working out gave me. Combined with my daily ice bath, (which is an instant game changer for the mind and body) I have never felt better. The thought of exercising daily is exciting to me. It drives me and gives me so much focus. Once again it is on my terms. I chose to undertake this and have found opportunity in what many would see as problems.

Eating a regimented nutrition plan. The following paragraph is not an endorsement but purely an explanation of how I choose to eat. For around about 12 months now I have been eating ketogenically (consuming little to no carbohydrate). A concept that a few years ago I never would have got on board with. However after following many top performers across various fields that adopted this way of life (thanks @tferriss), I felt it was worth the effort to at least give it a go. I would say it took around 12 months to be completely keto adapted (Cutting out carbohydrate is an extremely in depth process and certainly not suited to everybody) and I can honestly say that I have never felt as good as how I feel now. You must remember that this is coming from a guy who has always been relatively on point nutritionally so I would always have been classed as a healthy eater. For me however this completely changed the game. Clarity, focus, no cravings, constant energy, no tired spells, hardly ever hungry (fasted for 40 hours last week) to name a few of the changes I have experienced. I choose to not eat carbohydrate based on the proven research of how consumption of so many carbohydrate based foods contributes heavily to many of todays metabolic diseases. I feel, operate and perform better by eating this way. It takes effort but it is an enjoyable effort. I have found opportunity in areas where many would find problems.

So to round things up these are three relatively small actions that have a massive impact on how I live my life. At 37 years old I am fitter, stronger, calmer and emotionally more aware than ever before. I am busier than ever and love every single second of it. The opposite of what I do would be to stay in bed, not workout and eat junk. That’s not an option, and if somebody actively chose that path they would be ridiculed, yet how I have found to be a great way to live is deemed unattainable by many. Rebecca and I live the same life as you. 2 kids, single income, rented accommodation living pay check to pay check. There is no special gift allowing me to do this. It purely comes down to choice.  Yet I feel we have grown so comfortable, as a culture, that sugary foods, alcohol, television and internet are just a few of the things that command so many of the resources that we have at our disposal. Everybody reading this has the ability to get up, get moving and get after it, yet we choose to find problems in opportunities. I have chosen to turn that around. There are many people around the world in a far less comfortable position that manage to do more with less everyday.

The question I leave you with is this – have you become too comfortable? If you decide to take action post to our social pages and become part of an awesome movement.


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