We offer three products that are all tailored to your individual life needs. After all; we’re all individual, and the goal of FifteenFit is that you can eat well and exercise regularly in 15 minutes.

1. The Plan: $10

This is a one off email consultancy, where we find out about you, your life and your goals then give you a plan to follow, with links to our easy to follow, instructional exercise and nutrition plans. It’s yours to keep and use. Forever.
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2. Virtual Trainer Subscription (Level 1): $25 p/m

This includes a free ‘The Plan’ consultation to kick things off. From there, you also receive a weekly personalised email, that includes new instructional videos that you can add and remove to your plan to keep it fresh and up to date. You can also reach out via email to your named Virtual Trainer to ask advise. If you need a bit more of our time, you can book one off sessions for phone or video call starting from $20 for 20 minutes.

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3. Virtual Trainer Subscription (Level 2): $50 p/m

In addition to everything in ‘The Plan’ and the Level 1 subscription, you also get a weekly 10 minute phone/video chat consultation with your named Virtual Trainer, progress tracking and monitoring and we will update your plan once every 3 months, all included.

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4. Extra Face-Time: From $20 for 20 minutes

Want to spend some actual Face-Time with your Virtual Trainer? Need some motivation for your next work out? Want us to talk you through that Nutrition recipe? Ask no more – we’ll jump on a phone or video call with you and coach you face to face.

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